International Gateway (IGW) Services License

Ministry of Transport and Communications / September 25, 2018


Applicant  who wants to apply for communication equipment importation shall send the application by addressing  Director General, Posts and Telecommunications Department , Ministry of Transport and Communications, Office No (2), Nay Pyi Taw.

1 Company Letter Head ဖြင့် လျှောက်လွှာ
2 Application Form
3 Location in Myanmar of the proposed facilities
4 Design plans of the proposed facilities and a network diagram of the related international connectivity
5 Implementation plan
6 Proposed  launch date (within two years) for provision of the international gateway services
7 Initial total international bandwidth/ capacity
8 Technical arrangements for data collection, storage and network security
9 A disaster recovery plan
10 A redundancy plan
11 A Quality of Service (QoS) minimum commitment
12 Commitment on lawful Interception requirement
13 Monitoring compliance
14 Total proposed investment for the project