Ministry of Industry / March 14, 2022

Basic requirements to receive the service
    Boilers that have been revoked must be submitted to the relevant inspector for annual inspection to ensure continued use.
Service Fee
Minimum from 20,000 kyats to maximum 150,000 kyats depending on the boiler of Heating surface area.
No    Heating Surface Area(Square Meter)     Annual Inspection Fee(Kyats)
(A)    to 5                                                                        20000
(B)    from 5 to 10                                                           30000
(C)    from 10 to 30                                                         40000
(D)    from 30 to 50                                                         50000
(E)     from 50 to 70                                                        60000
(F)     from 70 to 90                                                        70000
(G)    from 90 to 110                                                       90000
(H)    from 110 to 200                                                   100000
(I)    above 200                                                             150000
Levels of Service
(A) The applicant must state the registration number of the boiler and the period of not more than one year in order to issue a new license.
(B) The applicant shall pay the prescribed boiler inspection fee to the relevant Myanmar Economic Bank.
(C) The boiler inspector will inform the applicant in advance of the inspection date.
(D) The operator shall be prepared to inspect the boiler on the day of inspection.
(E) A new boiler license will be issued if the boiler inspection is successful.

Where service is available
    Boiler Inspection (Head Office) Office No. (14), Naypyitaw, Phone: 067-3409650/3409651
Relevant Region / State / Union Territory (Nay Pyi Taw) and District Directorate Industrial Supervision and Inspection.