Terrorists Carried Out Terrorist Acts with Hand Grenade, Homemade Bomb and Mines by taking Security Personnel by Surprise

Ministry of Home Affairs/ Naypyitaw / March 21, 2023
A Man was injured by stepping on a Landmine, which exploded, in Tanaing Township

      In order to cause casualties of peaceable people and administrative authorities who are working for restoring rule of law, extreme terrorists receiving financial assistance are carrying out destructive activities against public roads, streets and departmental offices with homemade bombs and mines.
      Since they are conducting such terrorist acts, on 16 March  at 05:45 AM, U Mone Sin, 38 years old, (Father) U Sein Naing, who lived in Sutngine Ward of Tanaing Township of Kachin State, was working in a forest located 11 miles from the southwest side of Tanaing Township when he stepped on a landmine planted by the KIA armed insurgent group, which exploded. As a result of the explosion, U Mone Sin sustained mine injuries and was transported to the Public Hospital of Tanaing Township for medical treatment, it is reported.
      It has been reported that the security forces are investigating the perpetrators of the acts of terrorism from the above incident in order to be able to take effective action in accordance with laws.

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စိုက်ပျိုး မွေးမြူ၊ ထုတ်လုပ်ရေး အမည်ပြောင်းလျှောက်ထားခွင့်။

Yangon Region Government / September 30, 2021

လိုင်စင်နှင့် ခွင့်ပြုချက်လျှောက်ထားရန်


ကျွဲနွား သယ်ဆောင်ခွင့်။

Yangon Region Government / September 30, 2021

လိုင်စင်နှင့် ခွင့်ပြုချက်လျှောက်ထားရန်


MoH Union Minister holds coordination meeting on RDT use for international flight passengers, inspects preparations at Yangon International Airport

Ministry of Information/ Naypyitaw / April 29, 2022

UNION Minister for Health Prof Dr Thet Khaing Win presided over a coordination meeting on plans to change into an RDT system for international flights on 27 April.

During the meeting, the Union minister said the infection rate of COVID-19 has declined in most regional countries, including Myanmar. Specific activities are also prioritized systematically to ease COVID-19 rules and regulations as the COVID-19 vaccine coverage becomes high.

The government also arranged to ensure the reopening of international flights and systematic COVID-19 health rules for the tourist and Myanmar citizen arrivals to develop the country’s global tourism industry.

He also talked about the declining positive cases among the passengers in commercial flights and relief flights, challenges in the resumption of commercial aviation, and the COVID19 Antigen Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT) to save time and money for flight passengers.

Then, meeting attendees discussed proper services for passengers, plans to change into RDT (draft) and current challenges during the resumption of international flights, visas, health insurance, collection of Myanmar kyats for RDT test, preparations to avoid mass gatherings in RDT test section at the airport, taking swab samples, quality RDT test kits and other matters.

The Union minister instructed necessary things and concluded the meeting.

The Union minister and relevant officials inspected the preparations to conduct COVID-19 tests using RDT on the passengers of regular international flights at Yangon International Airport yesterday.

During the inspection tour, the Union minister instructed officials to systematically collect data from passengers, swab samples, the opening of more swab counters to avoid mass gathers while waiting for their test results, establish an exchange counter, welfare of airport staff and disease control activities when the results show positive.

The Ministry of Health allowed the international flights starting 17-4-2022 as per COVID-19 health rules under the COVID-19 Central Committee on Prevention, Control and Treatment and decided to use RDT at the Yangon International Airport soon to save the cost as the infection rate drops.