PDF Terrorists Launched Improvised Mortar and Drone Attacks on Urban Areas in Myaing Town

PDF Terrorists Launched Improvised Mortar and Drone Attacks on Urban Areas in Myaing Town

Ministry of Defense/ Nay Pyi Taw / November 21, 2023

On 14 November, PDF terrorists launched mortar and drone attacks on urban neighborhood in Myaing town from the direction of its south-western and eastern parts. During the terrorist attacks, mortar shells hit No.2 Basic Education High School, injuring two female teachers and two other female students aged 11 and 12 respectively by pieces of shrapnel. Moreover, the mortar shells wrecked one school building as well as zinc roofing and ceiling of Township Public Hospital.

Armed insurgents who support terrorist acts and PDF terrorists are conducting a series of terrorist strikes on non-military targets of innocent civilians such as arson attacks on residential houses, shelling, improvised-mortar attacks and drone attacks on road as well as bridge, neighborhood and villages in some townships of regions and states.

The said-victims were transported to Myaing Public Hospital to undergo medical treatment, and security personnel are continuing necessary security measures for peace and tranquility of the area, it is reported.

Source: Myawady Daily Newspaper (16-11-2023)


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