Request for the voters

Ministry of Information/ location / September 12, 2018

1. The Union Election Commission has scrutinized and made the voter list based on the 2015 General Election Voter lists, at the respective sub-Commission Offices, aiming to get complete and accurate voter lists for the forthcoming by-election that will be held on November 3, 2018.

The voter list that have already scrutinized were made to public at the respective commission’s offices in the ward or village-tracts, and the eligible voters also carried out necessary amendents to the lists.

2. The voters list will be made to public for the final time for 14 days, at the respective commission’s offices in the ward or village-tract. Only when the eligible voters check their names in the lists, will the lists be perfect.

3. Hence, voters are requested to add their names using Form -3 in the voter list if they do not find their names in it, and they can make complaints to those who are not eligible in the list using Form – 4 , and the voters can submit a data correction form using Form 4-c if their data are wrong.

4. Voters are urged to note their registration number to ensure that they can save their time when they draw their ballots at offices on the election day.

5. To get the perfect voters lists and easy voting on the Election Day, eligible voters are requested to cooperation with the election officials by sending at least one voter from each family, to offices to check their names in the lists without fail.

Union Election Commission

(Unofficial Translation)