Applying permanent residence (PR) for foreigners


Applying permanent residence (PR) for foreigners

Basic Requirements:

For Experts

Professional qualification/ education certificate (Genuine and 3 copies), evidence of career experience, appointment letter of at least one year term (genuine and 3 copies).

For Investors

Company documents concerning with investments

For Old Myanmar Citizens

Recommendation of sponsor, ID Cards of parents and grandparents (genuine and copy), applicant's previous ID card (copy)

For Relative Myanmar

Notary of valid marriage contract

Family Member

Age-identity, Notary of birth certificate, family census of original country.

Service Fee

  • The service is available free of cost

Required Documents

  • Applicant's passport (genuine/3copies)
  • ID card (genuine/3copies)
  • Recommendation letter for health(genuine/3copies)
  • Colour photo (3 photos) (1.5×2 inch)
  • Facts of residency
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Signature and fingerprint

Steps to apply

Step 1

The applicant must appear in-person  with 3 copies of completed form which is filled up in accordance with the Rules.

Step 2

Passport which has  not expired (Genuine) and evidences to  show that one has continuously been living  in Myanmar as follow;

If one is a foreigner (Specialist), evidences of visa & stay permit of 3 year living experience (Passport, Copy of boarding passes, etc)

If one is a foreigner (Concerned with local people), evidence of visa & stay permit of 2 year living experience (Passport, copy of boarding passes, etc)

If previously a  citizen of Myanmar, evidence of visa & stay permit with Staying Visa (Passport, copy of boarding passes, etc)

Step 3

The above  must be submitted  completely with evidence to satisfy the questions of the Staff.??

Step 4

If the application form is accepted by the counselor, USD 500 should be  paid  to the Embassy of Myanmar for initial PR application.

Step 5

After the payment of   fee and submission of  invoice (genuine and copy/copies)  to  the concerned Officer, the applicant is required to  sign on  page 3 of A Ma Na Form - 1, Section (A )(အမန ပံုစံ− ၁၊ အပိုင္း(က)  ) and  genuine evidences/copies of the submitted documents can be collected back.


Myanmar Embassy, Myanmar Council Office

Website Address

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