Services rendered by the Workshop & Motor Vehicle Department, Yangon City Development Committee

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Services rendered by the Workshop & Motor Vehicle Department, Yangon City Development Committee

The Services of the Workshop & Motor vehicle Department


The Workshop & Motor vehicle Department of Yangon City Development Committee is implementing the under mentioned tasks -

  • Maintenance of the vehicle/ machineries.
  • Supplying the vehicles / machineries for the works for the Departments.
  • Doing the fatigue and maintenance works of vehicles/ machineries.
  • Calculate the needs and requirements of engine oils for the whole Committee and purchase these, distribution for the Departments and for each vehicle.
  • Doing the works that help the increase of Departments' income.

Maintenance of vehicles / machineries

When purchasing or abolishing the vehicles / machineries - implement correctly in accord with the procedures and helping for the purchase of vehicles and machineries. Co-ordinations of statistics with the Road Transportation Department in connection with the extensions of registrations for the  vehicles / machineries and co-ordinations of statistics with the Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development and the Central Machineries and Statistical Department.

Supplying vehicles/ machineries for the works of the departments

­For upgrading Yangon City providing vehicles and machineries to the Engineering Department (Water & Sanitation) according to the requirements and helped the tasks. Fully providing vehicles and machineries in accord with the requirements of the Road & Bridges Department for extensions and repairing of the roads in accord with the characteristics of a modern city.

­For implementing works for proper flow of water in Yangon City vehicles / machineries are provided and have helped by providing heavy machineries when cleaning the huge rubbish heaps.

 Doing fitness and maintenance works for the vehicles/ machineries

­While supplying vehicles / machineries to the departments vehicles and machineries are prepared for enabling to support with full strength in time.

­Vehicles that are ought not to be repaired and maintained are written out by the permission of the Committee and are sent to the iron mill and arrangements are also made for auction off.

­Vehicles and machineries required to be substituted are bought in accord with the Financial Year

Calculating and purchasing engine oil in accord with the requirements for the whole Committee and distribute for each department and each vehicle

­After systematic calculations of required engine oils for the vehicles and machines of the whole Committee they were bought and distributed.

Doing the works that help to support the income of the Department

  • Doing the sewage water cleaning works -

The works are carried out daily for the 33 townships in Yangon by 42 vehicles. The vehicles are hired with moderate charges and works are carried out with no holidays. (Contact Phone No. for the Sewage Vehicle Section- 09-262640496, 09-450064276).

  • Doing transportation works for passengers

Sule- Dagon University Vehicle line is formed to operate and the hiring of vehicles for pilgrimage trips, funeral services are also carried out.

Future project works of the Workshop and Motor Vehicle Department

In accord with the directives of the Committee while implementing the upgrading works of the Yangon City the adequate vehicles/ machineries for supporting the tasks will be arranged. Furthermore, the requirements of the citizens living in the city such as having clean drinking water, works to heighten the living standards of the peoples and the sanitation works of the city will be more furnished and fulfilled for improvements.