Import / export License Permit System (IELPS) System Application for the Import and Export License

Ministry of Commerce / April 09, 2018

Required Documents

1) Registration certificate of Importer/exporter (Must be valid)

2) Sales Contract & Invoice (Proposed materials with pictures should be submitted if needed)

3) If proposed materials need to be specifically certified, the certificate from respective department should be submitted.

4) Agent Card is needed for representation.

5) Consignment Certificate is required for Consignment License.

6) Wine importation Card is required for Wine Import.

7) Re-export Card is necessary for Re-export license.

8) Application for applying license (Company Letter Head)

9) The (sufficient) deposit amount should be available at Myanmar Citizen Bank which is linked to the current system of e-payment for any payment related to Lincense enterprise. If no account at Myanmar Citizen Bank is available, payment can be made through MPU.

Service Fees

Steps to Apply

Documents are needed according to the proposed materials.

The importer/exporter can imply with three ways (Myanmartrdenet, Diskette, and Manual) for applying License permit.

Step(1) - The applicant can choose one option to apply which is; typing the proposed import/export license by assigned staff or migrating format application form or downloading application form from Myanmartradenet into system.

Step (2) - On submission of form and making the payment online (through MPU/epayment system) the online application will be moved to assessment section.

Step (3) - For the submitted application, the payment made will be verified. The required document needs to be submitted to Trading Council through Import/Export Administrative committee...

Step (4) - For the verified applications the fees has to be made. (Note – No payment needs to be made for the goods without license requirement).

Step (5) - License will be issued after verification and receipt of fees.

Step (6) - The documents Import/Export License permit are sent to MACCS with EDI. After that, the applicant need to perform tasks related to tax at department of tax.

Contact Address

Office No.(3), Ministry of Commerce, Nay Pyi Taw.

067-408485, 01-241020035