Ayeyarwady Region Hluttaw

Structure of Ayeyarwady Region Hluttaw

          The area of Ayeyarwady Region is 13568 squares and it is composed of 6 Districts and 26 Townships. Fifty two Regional Hluttaw representatives from each township, two representatives from Kayin and Rakhine ethnic groups of Ayeyarwady Region, eighteen military representatives, and so the second Ayeyarwady Region Hluttaw is formed with 72 Hluttaw representatives.


          The following are the objectives of Ayeyarwady Region Hluttaw –

  • Legislation
  • Representation
  • Oversight


          The tasks for Ayeyarwady Region Hluttaw are as follows –

  • Election
  • Representing the public
  • Legislation
  • Checking and balancing the activities of executive and judicial organizations.