Ministry of Industry

Ministry of Industry


Creation of Industrially Developed Country


  • To make the State-owned Enterprises which should be in the hand of Government commercially viable, to promote the involvement of private sector in State-owned Enterprises for enhancing the private sector development and to uplift the socio-economic standard of citizens by developing  Small and Medium Enterprises.
  • To encourage the labour intensive industries, agro-based and value-added industries, and to develop export-oriented industries through the expansion of domestic market.


  • To promote and expand broadly food processing industries, value-added farm-product industries with the aim of boosting the sectors of Agriculture, Livestock and Industry with equal balance meanwhile encouraging Small and Medium Enterprises and remitting to establish Heavy Industrial Enterprises to promote import substituted commodities and exports.
  • Ensuring the viability of State-Owned Enterprises and promoting Private Sector and Private-Public Partnership by inviting technical know-how and investments for getting Industrial Sector Development.
  • Encouraging Research and Technology Innovation and Development of Industrial Human Resources in order to promote the quality and standard of industrial goods.
  • To promote the value added industries by utilizing the natural resources, raw materials and to implement green industries by utilizing energy efficiently and effectively.

Work Program

  • State-owned enterprise are going to make successful and to be in line with the market economy through qualified and marketable products acquired by making research and enhancing market promotion programmes.
  • Private Industrial Sectors development is going to be encouraged by upgrading advanced technologies and investments in the State-owned Enterprises.
  • SMEs are going to be enhanced financially and developed sustainably by getting the market, technological and capital assistances from the State and international organizations.
  • ITCs are going to be upgraded and established, and technological vocational trainings development programmes are to be implemented with the aim of naturing industrial skilled workers of international standard.
  • Necessary measures are to be taken in order to reach the objectives of using renewable energy and emerging laws and frameworks for effective energy utilization. 


Ministry of Industry organized as follows:

  • Union Ministerial Office                                                              


  • Directorate of Industrial Collaboration(DIC)                           


  • Directorate of Industrial Supervision and Inspection(DISI )


  • No. 1 Heavy Industrial Enterprise ( 1HI)                               


  • No. 2 Heavy Industrial Enterprise ( 2HI )                             


  • No. 3 Heavy Industrial Enterprise ( 3HI)                           


  • Myanma Pharmaceutical Industrial Enterprise (MPIE)       


Website Address


1. Apply for Industrial Training Centers

2. Apply for Obtaining the Licence on Chemical and Related Substances

3. Apply for Obtaining the Registration Certificate of Chemical and Related Substances

4 .Apply for Obtaining the Recommendation for Export of Chemical and Related Substances

5. Apply for Obtaining the Recommendation for Import of Chemical and Related Substances

6. Apply for Obtaining the Recommendation on Chemical and Related Substances for the Permission of Trading as  Transit through the Nation

7.Private Industrial Enterprise Registration

8..Boiler Attendant Certificate Issuance

9. Boiler Inspection for Registration

10. Annual Inspection for renewal of certificate of boiler

11. Boiler Operator Training Course

12. Issue Boiler Repairer Certificate

13..Inspection for Electrical Safety

14..Testing the Electrical Apparatus in testing Laboratory

15..Electrician Skill Certificate

16. Electrician Training

17. Inspection for Electric Shock

18. Applying Technology Transfer to PUM Netherlands Senior Experts Organization

19. Submitting Applying for Technology Transfer from Department of Research and Innovation, Ministry of Industry

20. Issuing SME Member Cards to recognize as SMEs

21. Issuing SME Recommendation Letter for CGI Loan