Ministry of construction


  1. To become smooth transportation, low cost and save time for the goods due to the increases in the use of road network
  2. According to ADB research 2013,
  3. Increasing road using percentage - 51% (former) - 80% (2013)
  4. Delivering goods percentage - 61% (2009) - 90% (2013)
  5. To develop other transportation modes
  6. To implement the Arterial Road Network Master Plan according to the National Transport Master Plan
  7. To reduce the transportation cost, time and barriers to increase GDP


  1. To enhance the social – economy of all the people with the systematic and modern development in Myanmar Construction Sector
  2. To develop the roads, bridges , urban and housing sector in all the States and Regions
  3. To reduce the barriers, transportation costs and saving time with the development of roads and bridges by means of increasing GDP
  4. To provide the adequate housing by means of uplifting the living standards for all the people



  1. To develop and upgrade the existing road length (42121) kilometer to reach at least ASEAN Class III standard (18 ft width Asphalt Concrete or Concrete Roads) in 2030
  2. To upgrade all the bridges to reach at least 24 ft two lanes –RC Bridge or PC Bridge in 2030
  3. To develop the systematic Urban Planning in 330 cities in 2030 and develop and construct one million rooms in those cities with Public Private Partnership Programme in 2030
  4. To annually upgrade and reach 80% of the rural roads in all the villages which can be travelled in all the seasons in 2030



To implement the projects according to:

  1. With Government Budgets
  2. With Public Private Partnership Programme in some possible projects
  3. With the assistant of Development Partners such as: World Bank, ADB, JICA, KOICA, etc. and with grant and loans of donor countries
  4. With B.O.T system for the construction and maintenance of roads and bridges


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